Downtime Detection and why is it important?

It is crucial for a business to maintain its product availability and performance. Most reputable ones use at least one performance monitor or downtime detection service, be it a self-hosted one or other commercial SaaS.

Itโ€™s much better to get notified โ€œunder the radarโ€ about any unfortunate events before your reasonably angry customers do that instead!

Angry Customer

All our customers enjoy basic downtime detection services. Itโ€™s included in every package we offer, the only difference between them (speaking of downtime detection) is the uptime checking interval. Websites that are enjoying the free plan are being checked every 30 minutes, unlike paid plans - their uptime checking interval is set to 1 minute.

What happens when Downtime is Detected?

You get notified instantly via your preferred channel.

Supported channels: Email, Telegram, SMS, Slack.

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